BMW G310 GS First Ride Review

The sit tight for BMW Motorrad’s most reasonable twins extended for some time and that is basically what additionally emphasizd the desires. Since the prices have been uncovered, there have been theories over their execution and where the two fit in the market. Having ridden them both, I’m persuaded the BMW G310 GS sits at a spot all around characterized for it. The entry-level experience cruiser from the German maker is a promising bundle, with power that is not excessively but rather not very less, comfort that empowers more kilometers on the odo and riding elements that impart certainty on earth.

BMW G310 GS is priced at Rs 3.49 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi)

Experience cruisers are a genuinely new portion in India and those under 500cc are simply more so. BMW G310 GS is a reason manufactured bike, be that as it may, the power conveyance, how it handles, ergonomics all joined together effectively render it a bike deserving of ordinary usage too. Here’s a superior understanding a tiny bit at a time:


BMW G310 GS gets a normal ADV outline with a sharp nose forthright and a tall position. At the back, it gets a gear bearer and mounts for extra panniers. The cruiser tips the scales at around 175 kilograms, which in all honesty very is a lightweight arrangement, thinking of it as is a 300cc bicycle.


Source- Rider Magazine

An extremely proportional outline, the G310 GS is fairly simple to deal with rider ergonomics that don’t pressure the back or the arms, or, in other words for long separation riding. It comes in three hues – white, dark and red, and I figure you wouldn’t need to pressure picking one. In my psyche, the shading mixes function admirably on every one of them three.

A much-talked motor, a 313cc four-valve water-cooled single-chamber motor powers the BMW G310 GS. Much discussed as it was created under a coordinated effort between BMW Motorrad and an Indian bike maker, TVS Motor Company.

The throttle reaction from the G310 GS is smooth and the motor does not have much superfluous NVH (clamor vibrations and cruelty). Indeed, it feels rather refined. The G310 GS is genuinely fast off the line with its 34 bhp and 28 Nm, thinking of it as is a solitary chamber ADV. Yet, since it is an ADV, how speedy it is off the line is to a lesser degree a priority.

Riding elements

What’s higher on the priority list is the comfort for long separation riding, a capacity to all the more likely assimilate weight on unpleasant patches and to ride through extreme territories. BMW G310 GS conveys essentially on every one of these perspectives. It is the entry-level experience tourer from the German brand, which implies something. It implies that riders with less experience riding background can have an incredible time on it.

Indeed, even is a rider isn’t exceptionally tall, they’ll see it simple to deal with the G310 GS. The riding stance is comfortable with an upright back, which takes away all the worry from the arms. Despite the fact that, while remaining on the footpegs, taller riders may discover the chiseling on the tank to brush against the knees.

Braking on the BMW G310 GS is dealt with by a 300 mm single circle in advance and a 240 mm single plate at the back.

The suspension set up, with adaptive forks in advance and a monoshock at the back, is very extravagant and retains surrenders in the street well. It gets 180 mm of movement in suspension both front and back, or, in other words in case you’re wanting to take it for some genuine going 4×4 romping

BMW G310 GS gets a 300mm single plate in advance and a 240mm single circle at the back. Braking is moment with a generous however non-undermining nibble from the calipers. It accompanies BMW’s double channel ABS, which can be turned off.


There’s little the BMW G310 GS needs in, and as of now, it doesn’t confront coordinate rivalry in its fragment. There’s Kawasaki Versys X-300 (Rs 4.69 lakh ex-showroom, Delhi), or, in other words be an able entry-level ADV, yet the price tag on it is route greater than the G310 GS.


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