Did the Govt Built A New Luxurious Cell For Vijay Mallya?

Famous Businessman Vijay Mallya will not get the same cell as shown in the 8 Minute video presented by the Indian government in the Westminster court in London.

Although even not be receiving any special privilege and will be treated as a high-security Prisoner and kept in isolation said by Raj Vardhan Inspector general Maharashtra in an private telephonic communication with the quint.

Source – The Indian Express

Mallya previously filed an appeal in the London Court declaring that Indian gents wear congested which has a poor hygiene and is Defence for not being extracted to India.

After asking whether Mallya will be granted a high security bigger or normal Prisoner Rajvardhan said that earlier will not be counted as because a high-security prisoner is a terrorist or disturbed prisoner because somebody who has performed a violent kind of crime.

You also said that Vijay Mallya economic offender and should not be recognized as a high-security prisoner.

Luxurious cell

According to several sources the eight-minute video which was submitted by The Central Bureau of investigation to the London code source barrack number 12 of the jail, where Mallya will be kept, situated in independent building and has 6 important features of the cell:

Source – The Indian Express
  • The building has a high security from both sides
  • Which also has a white quality that leads to the cell and has fresh air and light
  •  cell is spread over 30 square feet and is 15 feet wide and 20 feet long one side of the barrack is protected by the iron wall and another has Windows and ventilators.
  • Call is attached with bathroom which is unused with modern amenities
  • The Barrack has 3 fans 6 tube lights and 5 ventilators
  • Also, it is having a 40-inch Plasma TV

Now the IG Prisons has clarified that Mallya will not, in fact, be kept in an isolation as the CBS video implies this leads too many questions

  1. Did the Indian government inform the London quote of how many inmates will be launched with Mallya?
  2. Does the cell shown in the video submitted to the London Court has an attached bathroom decked up with seemingly new paint and styles?

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