Google’s New Smart phone Pixel 3 Leaked

In the Global smartphone market unreleased or rumored devices leak every day.

It’s almost difficult for Apple Samsung and other branded handsets manufacturers to keep designs specs and the features for the latest flagship before their official launch.

And this can be set for Google also which has seen upcoming pixel 3.


Android Police sent different images of the pixel 3 XL by the driver of said Lyft Vehicle, the driver is also having the pixel 2 XL which is acknowledged the next generation handset all thanks to its rounded notch.

Google pixel 3 release date

It was awaited that the Google pixel 3 will launch on October 4th.

The proof relies on the Canadian Google and looking for the influencers mentions this date and also history confirms that new pixel phones always are launched on October 4th 100% of this time.

October 4 is the date when we got pixel 2 and pixel 2 XL in 2017 when the same date was used for the original pixel and pixel xl.

Source- Phonearena

Google pixel 3 price

The biggest mystery is the Google pixel 3 price because of smartphone prices have been increasing in the last 12 months.

The note 9 price and the iPhone X price there’s room for Google to start charging more.

Pixel 2 started at $649 at launch and the pixel 3 will have a somewhat slightly higher price.

Google pixel 3 design leaks

The Google pixel 3 mix games are widely Different designs based on the leaked images and this show both pixel 3 and the pixel XL from all angles.

But there is no sign of display notch in Google pixel 3.

The design looks similar to the pixel 2 with a 2-1 finish with a fingerprint scanner.

All the images sources say that pixel 3 will have a 5.4-inch screen with the dimensions of 145.6× 68.2× 7.9 mm find have a which of 8.6 mm.

They will be some highlights which customers want to see in Google pixel 3

Small bezels
Active edge
Camera improvements
Headphone jack
Wireless charging
Screen improvements
Water resistance

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