Maruti Suzuki Hicks Prices Of Car

Maruti Suzuki on Thursday declared price hike across their models.

The company spokesperson said, “The price change is being undertaken due to increase in commodity and the distribution cost adverse foreign exchange rates.”

The Maruti Suzuki cars with now vary across models up to rupees 6100. The new prices will be effective immediately.

The Rupee  smashed against the US dollars which fell all-time low of 70.32.

Importers get badly hit when the local currency weakens.

Some cars like companies hatchback Swift diesel variant will not be seen any price hike. But on the other hand the car with the highest price increasing Maruti Suzuki SUVs.

Source- Livemint

Brezza with a Rs 6,100 hike. The brezza is one of the famous cars from the Maruti Suzuki stable and one of the best selling cars in its segment.

The Germany luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz also declared in that it will undertake Hike across models up to 4 % from September itself.

The Mercedes Benz spokesperson said,” because of this inflation and because of geopolitical dynamics rising input cost and increasing Forex taxes are putting pressure on overall operations”.

The other car creators such as Tata Mahindra and Mahindra and Honda also declared their price hikes which will come into effect from this month itself.

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