New Apple iPhone XS 2018 release date, price and everything

IPhone XS iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR are the apples new iPhones for the 2018 which are officially revealed.
Source- Penoblog

While the iPhone 6s and iPhone X is Max have the same good but in two different sizes the iPhone XR as a profound shift in Apple strategy by folding bargain phone into the premium iPhone mix.


Although apple has dabbled innkeeper iPhones before with the iPhone se and iPhone 5C but the designs were very much different apart from the mainstream iPhones and it didn’t last for long time.


The cheaper iPhone XR speaks at the top tier iPhone. It comes with bright colours and have been slim down features like smaller battery then the new iPhone X s series.

The pricing is the most attractive thing for iPhone users although there is nothing budget but iPhone XR 7 $49 starting price and people looking for the new iPhone this this year will easily run towards the cheaper and the colourful XR.


The Apple reveals 2018 2019 lineup is a big moment for the Tech Giants shook up it’s iPhone range in 2017 when it introduced the iPhone X iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus.


Which effectively killing any chance of future iPhone the engine running with hole iPhone naming scheme on its head.

Source – Mirror

There was a time phones were becoming more and more expensive Apple decision to embrace the new X family is important because it very much cement sand new strategy for the Apple company when will continue to set the pace for the phone makers as we move towards the 2019 era.


The iPhones for the 2018 will need to impress by as if Apple has any desire to nudge Chinese brand Huawei and regain its seat as the world’s second largest phone maker after No.1 Samsung.


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