Satya Nadella rakes in $35 million in share sale

Indian birth chief executive officer of Microsoft Corporation Satya Nadella has netted over $35 Minion almost selling one-third of its common shares in the software giant.

Image souce- CNBC

Nadella marketed 3,28000 shares in multiple kids at prices which ranges from $109.08 to $109.68 dollars with the stock trading near the record highs.

The stock sale was disclosed in a regulatory filing on Friday itself and it raked more than 35 million for Nadella.

In just past one year Microsoft shares have soared 53 %, and $109 at closing the week.
The record closing price was however 110.83 dollars on July 25.

Nadella, 50, has still owned 778,596 shares of the common stock. And he expected to have 15 times his base salary in stock. Also, his annual base salary estimated in 2017 was near about 1.45 million dollars, also his total compensation exceeded nearly $20 million.

He said that “the stock divestitures  made for the personal financial planning and other reasons”. Microsoft spokesperson informed  Satya  Nadella is very much committed to the continued success of the company itself and holdings which importantly exceed the holding requirements  set by the Microsoft board of directors.

In February 2014, Nadella took over from Steve Ballmer, Seattle best Microsoft shares her tripled in value. You also sold shares in 2016 when the stock was near about $58 per share.

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