Sony New Camera HX99 Can Do Things Which Our Smart-phones Can’t

In important time this camera is one which allows imaging skills that point and shoot camera Shoppers of the past want, but they won’t get it from the Latest smartphones.

Raw shooting and 4K video, for example, are now possible on 2018 smartphones but 3x zoom is not coming so soon.

The zoom in and the maintain detail meaning no cropping or any digital zoom ensure voices unofficial family photographers and get some great photos when shooting conditions are decent.

The 24/720 mm zoom lens is quick for a compact camera and it can surprise how quickly the compact was able to lock on various faces and features taking details into focus.

Image quality is good given the compact cameras petite imaging sensor pushing the HX99 into superzoom limits.

The major part of the superzoom offers is super zoom shots that are difficult on your smartphones and ability to record 4K video from distance.

Aside from the small one by 2.3-inch sensor there, a number of features which are put in are very much impressive optical image stabilization which is built in you can you shoot raw images 10 FPS burst mode and 4K video capture

There is also an electronic viewfinder and flash.

Unlike HX95 the HX99 in close the lens rings which lets you adjust aperture ISO and the other manual setting without having to put the buttons and screen as well.

Source- Youtube

The user interference and the general feel is very much similar to any Sony camera in recent years.

Also, it’s not perfect but the features you can access with only a few actions is very much good.

Now Sony has reached the sixth emphasis on its premium RX 100 compact range and the company understands there is still a place for pocketable cameras even in the new era of Smartphones.

Source – Digital Trends

The HX99 is very much cheaper Shooter and doesn’t have the technical prowess and image quality of the RX 100 series. But it also takes the super zoom into an exciting new form of factor.

The HX99 might not be the cheapest Sony camera point and shoot but for many, it could be very much useful.


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