The Nun movie review: Dreary and dreadful

Conjuring younger Vera Farmiga alone doesn’t a horror movie make and also this film that is another rip-off The Conjuring series can have the actress look-alike sister in the head role and has none of it chills or trills.

It has a lot of Church and the complete film happening in the deserted monastery in Romania.

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There are lots of nuns particularly the scary one who remained in the shadows in the last Conjuring part and hence got a film of her own.

It was called upon by the Vatican to solve the going on at the abbey are sister Irene and the World War II hardened priest, Father Burke.

In 1952 the Vatican seems to be very well familiarized about the churches in the distant parts of the world where even the locals don’t venture.

Heaven, Evil, blame Hell, blood is just the common words used in the discussion as the duo make their way to the monastery which was accompanied by a Frenchman who is there to be just there.

And where the sound People would dread to step in the two progress to have some wine and dinner in the deserted Convent next to the cemetery which is next to the abbey and soon its pouring nuns from the corners gliding, whispering, breathing, cracking, playing and screaming.

The nun review

The young nun kills herself in an abbey in Romania and Father Burke and Sister Irene are recognized by the Vatican as a pair to look into the unusual events which lead to her demise.

They also understand that they are up to facing something well past their knowledge and when they meet the nun centuries ago this evil entity was fended away by the supernatural forces but is revealed once again through human folly now trying to cross over into our realm.

This being wreaked destruction with the intent to penetrate with all that he is pure and good as well and any self-respecting foul being is prone to do.No points for guessing the religious importance of the demon itself and the name is deadly. The Nuns steeped in Roman imagery making for the impactful visuals.

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