Top Reasons Why You Should Watch Gali Guleiyan

After releasing its trailer Gali Guleiyan has been receiving message comments from across the verticals Industry stars to the Twitterati.

Everyone has been bragging about the puzzle plot and of course Manoj Bajpayee for what he does the best that is living the character.

The trailer has got a huge figure of 2.5 million views and if you haven’t seen it yet then it’s time to watch it and experience the trailer.

So here we present to the top reasons why you should go for the film Gali Guleiyan which is releasing this September.

Manoj Bajpayee
Source – The Hollywood Reporter

He is known for his versatility, Manoj Bajpai how is also won the Global honor and the admiration which seems never-ending.

He also won the best actor award for the achievement in Gali Guleiyan at the Melbourne film festival.

He plays a role of a man who would eventually be trapped within his own irritated psyche and the adaptation will leave you astonished.

Eye-catching Alleys of old Delhi

The film is based on eye-catching roads of the old Delhi and has been written in a manner like never before.

Which covers everything like kite flying foodies hub with happy faces around but in the movie it describes and its existence in a day like never seen on cinema before.

Great story

The movie depicts a story of a neurotic Man and his Trap in a puzzle of his own psychic.

The plot is combined with the unsolved mystery which will absolutely make you feel and trapped and claustrophobic.

On screen acting between Manoj Bajpai and Ranvir Shorey
Source – IMDB

Both actors are known for their challenging scripts and giving powerpack acts.

And with such a plot coming our way it’s less than a thrill to watch the movie seamlessly in a single frame watching Manoj Bajpai and Ranvir Shorey.

Excellent technical support

Known for the best mixing expertise in the scientific mystery arrival, Daniel Cresco and Christ Witt for the excellent editing skills and thereby adding an additional dimension to the story.

We are sure to have a blast often exciting experience in watching Gali Guleiyan in nearby theatres soon.

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