Trump Postpones Military Parade

Donald Trump canceled programmed military parade for November because of high cost and would visit instead Paris to memorialize the End Of World War 1 a day after the Pentagon suspended the event to the next year.

Trump has also asked a parade to honor the US military veterans and commemorate the 100 anniversary of the end of the world war after marveling at the Bastille day military parade visited in Paris last year.

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On Thursday an official said the cost of such an event could top $90 Million. Which is nearly three times as much as the White House earlier estimated. The difference ministry postponed the event eventually planned for November 10th in Washington.

He also said that he will attend a parade at joint base Andrew in Maryland but has not named any date. A spokeswoman at the base was not able to provide the date for the event.

Some critics blasted the planned Washington parade asking the lofty cost and the need for it as the Pentagon has sought to maintain an overstretched military.

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The Republican lawyer Scott Taylor supported that the choice to cancel the parade says he does not think it was relevant to hold such event while US soldiers are fighting in wars overseas.

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